Old woman at School

Statistically speaking I am significant. Except I really don’t yet understand enough about statistics to claim that. Hence my journey back to school and a taught masters degree.

I graduated seven summers ago, having taken seven chronological years to achieve a first class honours in degree in Education Studies. I had an opportunity to carry on straight into a research masters but I wanted a break. A lot changed in those seven years.

Anyway this week finds me engaged in an induction course before beginning proper next week, part time of course, in Social Research Methods. First day yesterday was both the scariest and most joyous thing I’ve done in a very long time.

Not content with the challenge of level 7 study I got the bike out for the first time in over a year, did the full on student thing and cycled the almost 8 miles along the canal to uni. Of course I had to cycle back too. My bloody arse killed this morning.

I learned so much about what I don’t know and a little about what I do. The best moment: arriving back in class after lunch and a student commenting on how happy I looked. Today, perhaps to avoid thinking about the pain in my surprisingly bony arse, I thought about that as I cycled in. Although there are so many risks here, I am happy, very happy and very blessed to be doing it. If only it was full-time.

One thought on “Old woman at School

  1. Hoping to follow your every word! When the stress of study descends upon you and your entire world looks like the inside of a cave, just remember this…I’ve lost my Masters certificate and no-one has ever asked for it šŸ™‚

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