Sigma notation

Sigma what?

So that’s already got me confused and panicky,  although, to be fair, I’m sure I’ll get there when i know where ‘there’ is. I have a problem with right and left but generally I’ve got a good sense of direction.

Today I took the tram, ostensibly to test the time vs cycling; in reality it’s because I’m running tonight and my knees are knackered! It didn’t start well; the park N ride was full; my ticket fell into the dispenser as the tram pulled away – why do they do that! Do tram drivers have a special vindictive button? I’m not good on public transport, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with the public bit or even the transport bit, it’s the not ‘being in control’ bit that gets my heart beating faster. On my bike I am in charge, if I’m late; if I fall into the canal (yes I keep worrying about that) it’s mostly down to me. This tram lark it’s down to the driver- who we’ve already established has a vindictive button!!

It took 8 minutes longer on the tram.

Into class and a revisit of the yukky stuff from Monday. I remembered stuff – both that I could do and that I couldn’t – sigma notations anyone?

Today did have some surprises in that I found I knew how to calculate z scores (a small victory). Joyously I was reminded I am not alone in my ignorance of sigma notations – there’d be no point doing the course if I knew it all already now would there! 

Benefits of the tram:

  1. I got to type this
  2. I didn’t get wet in the rain
  3. My arse doesn’t get sorer! 

Sheesh this studying lark is hard work, I’m shattered but alive. Very much alive. 😊🐝😊

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