Braving Blackboard & the fear of silence 

At the weekend I bit the bullet and girded my loins, crossed my fingers and thus typed my first question into the discussion area of a course model. Sheesh I felt stupid; stupider still when no-one replied. Was everyone laughing at me thinking ‘silly old woman’ (although why I think anyone would ever waste time thinking about me is a whole new post – get over yourself old woman!!) or were they all being students and not logging on over a weekend or were they all frightened to look as daft as me.

The fear engendered by silence was almost overwhelming until the very gracious lecturer said the error was his.

PHEW! Relief! Although with hindsight I perhaps should have been braver and just tested the files. Fear is close to freeze in my list of the flight, fight or freeze scenario. I need to embrace more fight.

Still struggling with SD. I’ve disliked equations since chemistry O level; it’s a mindset. Who knew I’d learn so much about myself through enrolling on a masters course.

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