Blackboard, the Timetable and Me.

Today didn’t begin brilliantly. It’s already been a crazy week. A 15 hour day to London and back on Monday; 8+ hours and then data camp on Tuesday and succumbing to temperature, sore throat on Wednesday. I slept for ages. 

Anyway back (or forward) to this morning. I left my phone at home and felt bereft of a limb. I’d not checked the room for the practical and was going to do it on the tram – cue panic that I’d be late. It doesn’t matter that I’m in my 6th decade I feel like I’m 12 and bound to be in bother if I turn up late for lessons. Don’t be at all surprised if you see me standing up when a lecturer walks in the classroom!!

I needn’t have worried (as is almost always the case) I followed the lecturer up the stairs and into the lab. 9.33 am. No-one else arrived until 9.55!! Most never showed at all. The practical wasn’t on the timetable although it was in the course booklet and on blackboard and 3/4plus of the group thought the tutorial this evening meant their was no lecture. I don’t get it. It was in my google calendar, my outlook calendar, my work calendar AND my filofax!! 

I don’t think that can be just my age. It’s more about knowing I can’t keep everything in my head like I used to, it’s a coping strategy but it’s also that fear of failure of being and doing wrong. It’s a lack of confidence that has become a part of me.

Forgetting my phone was a major fail, it meant I couldn’t help peers who were asking about the morning class. Why not ask the lecturer or the student office? 

Are my fellow students as afeared of failure as I? Are we more alike than I had thought? Perhaps there’s less difference between me and them than there is between Blackboard and the TimeTable. Leaving my phone at home was a blessing on my journey to learning. 

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