Failure aka success.

This week after two intense lectures and several study hours my head exploded, well imploded – there was no gory mess only terrifying tiredness. I had Friday off work so planned a full on study day; I ran through an SPSS workshop and then sat on the bed to ‘enjoy’ some Jeff Gill to better understand the Statistical Foundations class of the day before.

Four, yes FOUR, hours later I woke up!! Obviously I wouldn’t have slept if I hadn’t been tired (and comfortable and secure and warm and reading on the bloody bed) but that’s four hours of studying time I’ll never get back and five, yes FIVE, weeks in I am (even more) aware of how much I don’t know.

This is the biggest conundrum for me; fitting it all in. How can I be all the things I’ve been to others and still do well. There is no way I am giving up this amazing opportunity. It’s the height of selfishness and I’m not selfish often enough for it to come easily to me. So how to make time …

Develop a timetable and stick to it by being clear to those closest what it includes.

Create spaces in that timetable to just “be” with those folk.

Find some minutes just for you (even meditation on the tram)

Get lots of fresh air and exercise.

Don’t do anything that someone else can/will do for love or payment. 

It is time to get a cleaner ⏲⏲🗑🗑 and stop trying to do everything. Small steps. 

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