Beginnings soon end


Two weeks in I’m finding my feet and my way around campus (albeit with google maps). I’m mistaken for staff as often as I’m identified as a student – the joys of being ‘mature’.  The fear of the unknown unknowns has become the fear of the known of unknowns – I must write assignments on this shizzle and I can still barely write an equation. Does anyone even know where those equation symbols hide in MS word?

THE BEST things I learned this week are that the AGLC is the ‘Ally Gee’ and I’m almost due a free hot drink from the cafe; it’s just over a mile of walking from St Peter’s Square tram stop to UP and doing the reading before lectures REALLY does help!!  (let’s call this a random sample 😊).

Thursday has become my favourite day – it helps that it’s just before Friday – the one day a week I’m at uni. I AM A STUDENT!! I’ve never been a full-time student and I don’t think the joy of being on campus around so many folks who want to learn will ever fade. It has a special kind of buzz that makes studying in the evenings remotely, from home, feel like the dark side.  (Luke, I am your mother!) Here’s me, almost 54, seeing the same things you do through your 18-year-old eyes and wondering if you’re feeling what I feel. Maybe when the fear of known unknowns has passed I’ll ask you.