Age is just a perception

Technology failed me so far this weekend (although in truth it’s more than a little down to my own forgetfulness. Image result for linear regression equationI have three laptops/tablets; my (work) surface pro, has SPSS but I’ve locked myself out; my own large laptop has capacity but not SPSS and this little ALDI special tablet, dear reader, has SPSS but it seems, not the capacity to run regression analysis. With a formative assignment due in 18 hours I should be panicking, I do need the the feedback I’d get if I could hand it in but if I can’t I’ve done one regression and I can discuss that and go from there.

Sheesh, how did that happen?  How did I get so relaxed about it?  Well it could be the tablets (not the computer version)  finally working properly; re-balancing the chemicals in my system perhaps. It could also be that I’ve accepted I may be behind now but I will get there in good time. I will get there before the end.  I LOVE IT! I am enjoying the challenge despite having lost my weekends and perpetually feeling like I’m chasing my tail. I LOVE THE CHALLENGE. In our tutorial I worked through the ‘sums’ and loved it, I was more than a little surprised to recall it is 37 years since I sat my mathematics ‘O’ level – summer of 1980 (although to be fair I failed it and had to resit in Nov’80 successfully that time).

Image result for mature studentThe formative assignment is using a data set from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA) and asks about perceptions of ageing (dependent variable)  and how these are influenced by your age and gender.  So with laptops in disgrace I settled for thinking about it; what would I expect to find.  What do I perceive as old age? I remember being 17 and thinking 30 was ancient. Now at 53 I feel that my life is just beginning at least as often as I think I’m over half way there!! So is it more about positive outlook than age?  Anyway as these apparently random thoughts were chasing through my head (while patiently waiting for the laptop to defrag. and make me some space I came across the following article ( on the BBC news site. The article doesn’t specify which year the figures refer to but it identifies a number of older students and suggests that the latest HESA figures show 25 over seventy year old students commencing under graduate degrees.

Whatever age you are it is always time for new beginnings.  Right let’s have another go at that regression!